Our exclusive models are able to satisfy any kind of sexual fantasy that comes to mind, discover here some of the most common and why not, make them a reality with any of our willing companions.

A sexual fantasy is an imaginary representation of conscious or unconscious desires. The images, ideas or feelings that the mind produces generate an emotion and excitement in the person, mainly sexual.

Threesomes and orgies

The sexual fantasies of many men are strongly inclined to the idea of being able to be with more than one woman in the case of threesomes, or being able to have sex while watching others have sex in the case of orgies. Today it is not just a men's fantasy, since many women also dream of a threesome, which can include either a man or even another woman in bed.

Anal sex

This besides being a very strong fantasy for men can also be for many women, since everything derives in "the pleasure of the forbidden" and things out of the ordinary. This adds an extra amount of morbid and fantasy enough to reach new and better orgasms.

It should also be clarified that many men now also like to have their anus stimulated, since this way they have a better reach of their G-spot, although, of course, not everyone accepts it or practices it.

Role plays and costumes

There are different types of erotic costumes to use as a couple that can add that different spark to the relationship, because for many seeing their partners with a costume allows them to find another level of excitement.

With them they can begin to fantasize and feel that they do it with other women; a doctor, nurse, teacher, maid or sexy police, especially if these costumes are added an erotic dance to give a better end to the night.


It is a practice in which the person enjoys and has pleasure with the simple fact of seeing naked people and even more seeing them having sex, even when they are not part of the action.

The well-known "voyeurs" can hide to be able to see other naked people in public or private places, a behavior that can be especially for married people an alert call, since they can go from seeing to taking undue actions.

Submission and domination

This is one of the sexual practices that most couples do, since it allows them to take a different side from the one they show on a daily day. While there are quiet people on the day, they may prefer to go in search of domination in bed and on the other hand, people of a stronger nature may change a bit and let their partner take charge of the situation. in the sexual field Within these practices of submission and domination you can make use of various sex toys such as wristbands, anklets and even whips.

Foot Fetish

If the smell of bare feet does nothing more than wanting to take a cold shower, you do not enter this group. Every detail on the feet can ignite this person. Most foot fetishists are men and like to smell, lick or taste the feet and require some interaction with the foot to experience an orgasm or sexual satisfaction.


This fetish describes those who experience enormous sexual pleasure when their partner wears latex, rubber, vinyl or other bright and tight materials. For some, the important thing is to feel this material, for others, just by smelling it they have more than enough.


Hair is another popular fetish. Whether in a braid or ponytail, in a blonde or brown, each man has his specific preference. In the end: the sensuality of hair works for many men in many ways. The fetish can focus on some specific style. Similarly, hair is synonymous with youth, so that a woman with braids can be a fetish of young women.


This is much more common than you would imagine and involves the fetishist needing or wearing clothes of the opposite sex or being sexually attracted to someone who does. This fetish is common among straight and gay men. For many, knowing that they are wearing even if it is only a prohibited garment can raise the excitement factor.