About US

We are an agency of female escort models, we offer an exquisite treatment with maximum professionalism and confidentiality. Our models are damas, ladies and university students, who combine their private lives with sporadic encounters with select gentlemen.

Dare to know us and trust us with your most intimate desires; We are here to please you. All our models are personally selected by Lust Escorts, we guarantee that what you see will be what you will have.

We aim to expand nationally; We emerged as a response to the high demand for obtaining the best escort service in the city of Madrid under the need to show a different concept between what exists in the market, creating a professional portfolio and you will see, showing the Escorts service in a different way, with the glamor, style and distinction that characterizes our company ladies.

Our website shows us a more functional erotic portal, an intuitive platform, which sets the standard in adult services through creativity and innovation in the different categories of our new website, designed entirely to the taste of the consumer, which It has access available from any mobile device and from any platform, with an excellent design.

The concept

Born after the need to offer a great diversity of events to our exclusive clientele that demands the best service and the best facet of a company lady with more distinction, style and elegance. We want to show the best shots of beautiful women, that highlight their curves, hips and more sensual features. We start with high quality photo shoots based mainly on the glamor of a lady until conceptualizing photography as an erotic, provocative and very feminine art.

Our mission

Promote the different services and events of our agency to our clients and the general public through our website and social networks with their own, unique and original content, changing the concept of adult services.

We want our users to realize their most intimate desires and fantasies, and for this, we offer you our portal where they will find the services and products that will lead them to have an unforgettable experience.

Our experience

In the time that we have been in the market, we have managed to create a differentiating concept, retain many clients, win large foreign audiences and the best cultural and economic level, since this project has increasingly been taking more strength and great impact on our target audience but also in a large audience of young companions which, driven by novelty and our way of working, have been arriving from different regions of the world requesting to be part of our staff of models.

We have created confidence in our followers of our social networks, which has allowed us to create a very positive voice to voice that allows us in our twitter account (@lujuriamadrid) to have that connection with each of our exclusive clients, always offering the exact solution to your need and resolving your concerns. Today's consumers require more than a little time of pleasure, they require empathy and a direct connection with our accompanying models who provide a friendly and appropriate treatment to the occasion, and something more than the ones at the service such as categorization by physical characteristics, tastes, lifestyle and way of dressing which is evidenced in each of the photographic sessions that we perform. Many people who for example have never taken the service dare to do so moved by the real and daily approach that we show in the photos of our beautiful escorts Lujuria escorts Agency.

Why do they prefer us?

Our clients prefer us because we offer a safe, reliable service, with a professional and completely real image management; Under our quality policy, we have Copyright that protects our photographs and arts, guaranteeing the client that all content is made by us, exclusive and unique, ensuring with certainty that the model requested is the same as the one that arrives at the meeting.

We distinguish other details such as punctuality, the good treatment of the models towards customers, hygiene and excellent personal presentation of them. We are characterized by having a select group of Escorts that will please you and make you feel special, among them, models, university students, professionals or young people who are just starting in this trade and who carry out this activity voluntarily, discreetly and sporadically.

Events and Advertising Media

In order to make more audiences we create different events such as: Bachelor parties, Outings inside and outside the city, parties according to gender and rumba style so that the model is in line with the occasion, we will also have special discounts for our more loyal customers and HappyHour on our website and in social networks, all this in order to make us known and loyalty new customers and that each day our brand is more positioned.